If you are experiencing back pain related to disc degeneration arthritic changes, stenosis, disc bulging or herniation or other conditions causing a compression problem, you may be a good candidate for one of our spinal decompression tables. These computer based tables help us treat a variety of compressive problems to the nerves exiting from your spine. These are extremely safe therapies that are used with other treatments to decrease swelling, improve range of motion and restore movement back to your spine. 

If you are experiencing back pain in Norfolk, VA, it's time to visit Dr. Niblo and see how chiropractic treatment can help. When you have areas of the spine that are compressed and causing you pain, Dr. Niblo at Norfolk Chiropractic is ready to help. By using a therapeutic decompression table, Dr. Niblo helps reduce compression in your spine, allowing the nerves to flow without becoming pinched.

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How Decompression Treatment Helps

Areas of your spine can become compressed because of an injury or over time because of chronic problems. When the area becomes compressed, it can feel painful, stiff, or swell up. Decompression works to reduce the pressure that is narrowing the area of your spine. Once the area is widened back up, the pain you feel from nerve compression will be reduced.

Decompression Therapy For Back Pain

A chiropractor will use manual manipulation techniques to reduce pain from compression and misalignment of the spine. Decompression is done using traction techniques to stretch out the area. Dr. Niblo uses a decompression table to give you the most relief possible when you are dealing with an area of compression. This way, he can pinpoint the cause of your pain and give you the best treatment possible so that you can begin to heal. Once your spine is in alignment, it's time to work on the strength of your muscles to keep it in place.

Decompression Treatment To Avoid Surgery

If you have been told that you need to get surgery in order to heal your back pain, try a visit with a chiropractor instead. You may be able to reduce the pain you are in through chiropractic care, and won't have to get a surgical intervention immediately. Decompression treatment can significantly reduce your pain and get you moving. When you can strengthen your core muscles, you may be able to hold off on surgery even longer. Decompression therapy will give you the range of motion you need to keep moving, and you may decide that your pain is relieved without getting surgery.

Visit A Chiropractor In Norfolk Today

When you have tingling in your arms or legs, a pinched nerve, or pain radiating down your leg, a visit to your chiropractor can help. Contact Norfolk Chiropractic today at 757-622-8777, and we will get you on the road to recovery. When you are dealing with pain, stiffness, or poor range of motion, chiropractic treatment can restore your function.



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